Saturday, January 24, 2009

Top 5 Mens Fragrances

There are more mens fragrances these days than ever, with so much choice how is one to know what to dab on? If you have ever been frustrated trying to choose a new fragrance because you have no more wrists to spray on (not to mention a functioning nose) the 5 listed here are no brainers.

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#1 Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme (GIORGIO ARMANI)
Acqua Di Gio should be a part of every mans fragrance collection. This fragrance is light but has enough punch to get just about anyone noticed as they walk into a room.
A contemporary fragrance to be proud of.

# 2 Fuel For Life (DIESEL)
Everything about this fragrance is Sexy. The advertising, the packaging and definitely the scent. A Modern and energetic fragrance to keep your fans happy.
Fuel For life won the Mens Health Readers award for 2008

# 3 212 Sexy Men (CAROLINA HERRERA)
This scent is all about the fast paced city life, especially the night life. A sensual fragrance with citrus and wooden notes. This is a scent they won’t forget.
212 Sexy Men won The Perfume Shop “Peoples Choice Award” for Men

# 4 Tom Ford For Men (TOM FORD BEAUTY)
This inagural male fragrance from Tom Ford is luxurious and modern, a great addition to the dresser top of any fashionable fellow. It was touched by the hand of Tom Ford so it must be good.

Tom Ford For Men was Voted The Best New prestige Male Fragrance, they were also awarded for having the Best New Male Fragrance Print Advertising

# 5 Light Blue Pour Homme (DOLCE & GABBANA)
This newest scent by Dolce & Gabbana is citrus infused and mysterious. Several wooden notes have also been made a part of this confident scent. This fragrance is sure to become a classic.
Light blue Pour Homme (Dolce & Gabbana) was voted for having the best new fragrance commercial.

Award Winning Commercial for Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue

Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Class Shopping At Heathrow

For those of you who have spent countless hours waiting in airports, time you often spend reading a horrible paperback or trying to sleep on uncomfortable chairs things are looking up. Heathrow’s Terminal 5 was designed with the savvy traveller in mind and boasts over 200 000 square feet of inviting retail space. A collection of luxury names enough to rival Rodeo include Harrod’s, Gucci, Prada, Dior and Bulgari are eagerly awaiting the chance to help you forget about your late flight. WWD reports that retailers are hoping the strong client base that travels trough T5 will help them to weather the current economic slow down better than traditional locations. So the next time you are flying in or out of London be sure to snag your latest IT bag from Gucci!

Groundhog Day

Well, lets try this again. Last year I told myself that I was going to run a blog to talk about all of the wonderful things that I see in my role as a fashion buyer and entrepreneur.... That was a bit short lived, I was going gang busters for the first couple of weeks than life - as it often does took over and I failed to continue my new found passion. So here I am yet again after another new year and a second try at the opportunity to share my views. Several things have changes since last year, including resigning my full time job and joining my business partner Full Time in running our fashion empire. Here goes nothing!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CSA Gives You Piece of the Pie (er Sheep) - MVKNITS Wool Shares

As the world grows smaller many of us are trying to live within our means more and more. One such way is through community supported agriculture. Associations have sprung up across the globe offering everything from local co-op gardens to banana harvesting. The newest CSA craze available on etsy provides the opportunity for individuals to buy shares in a wool harvest from a farm on Martha’s Vineyard.

“After shearing, we’ll let our friends at the mill work their magic and soon you’ll receive your share of the harvest,” MVKNITS said of the project. “The number of skeins, yardage, etc., will depend on the size of the clip but we are limiting our shareholders this first year to ensure that everyone gets a bountiful supply. You can choose to take all of your share in one kind of yarn or receive a sampler with some of each of the yarns we produce, including mohair, kid mohair, Cormo and Cotswold. Just type ‘one yarn’ or ‘sampler’ in the ‘Buyers Message to Seller’ box when you check out. We also have Spinner’s shares available- both roving and raw fleece.”

Give the shares as a gift to Grandma, I bet she will knit you something nice!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Have Your Comfort and Fashion Too

For those of you that just had a white Christmas (I know I sure did), the thought of mucking around outdoors in those nasty snow boots of yours can be terrifying. To help keep your fear at bay a Spanish Company - El Naturalista has come to save the day. El Naturalista produces a line of shoes that are not only comfortable but also very cool for the winter months. The shoes are smart as well as they have been specially treated and will form a thin white film when it is cold, this film is actually protecting the leather, when the temperature is back to normal so are the shoes! An added bonus is that the footwear is prepared in an eco friendly manner. The company is dedicated to using recycled materials where possible (i.e. rubber footbed), natural dies and they even invented a leather that doesn't need to be treated with chrome. Visit their website for further details. Items are available for sale at BALISI.
STYLE: Christie $224.99

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Got The Blues? - The Top 5 Blue Hues For Spring 2008

Spring Fashions will soon be adorning the shelves of our fav boutiques, and this year like any other the colour blue will be a large part of the Spring pallet, however this time around there is something special about blue - it is the IT colour of the season. Blue it seems is so hot that Pantone (the colour Gods) have named "Blue Iris" - a lovely shade of blue with a touch of purple as colour of the year. To help celebrate this momentous occasion I have compiled some snapshots of the top 5 blue hues from the catwalks of SS08.

Number 5

This fab blazer from Marc Jacobs captures a fantastic hue that reminds me of a Tiffany's Box at Christmas time.

Number 4

This powerful blue and red combination from Prada will help any fashionista transfer from Winter to Spring with confidence.

Number 3

Betsy Johnson captures a nautical feel with "Sailor" blue in this sexy number.

Number 2

Neon blue on this Burberry Prorsum piece not only reminds me of the 80's but it also femaninzes an otherwise manly cut.

Number 1

Badgley Mischka has captured "Blue Iris" in this sexy show stopper

Turn those winter blues upside down with the hottest hues for Spring!

Pictures By: Marcio Madeira -

Saturday, January 5, 2008

What is a Fashion Pie?

I'm sure many of you are sitting back wondering what the hell a Fashion Pie might be. For me a Fashion Pie, is your personal recipe for fashion. The personal style you live each day that helps deliver a message to the world about who you are. Maybe your Fashion Pie says "I am an Indie Designer", maybe it says "I am a member of the Geek Squad", whatever it is that recipe is as unique to you as is the taste of Grandmas decadent pecan chocolate - with just a little whip cream and mandarin on top - pie.

What does your Fashion Pie say about you? Let us know!