Monday, January 7, 2008

Have Your Comfort and Fashion Too

For those of you that just had a white Christmas (I know I sure did), the thought of mucking around outdoors in those nasty snow boots of yours can be terrifying. To help keep your fear at bay a Spanish Company - El Naturalista has come to save the day. El Naturalista produces a line of shoes that are not only comfortable but also very cool for the winter months. The shoes are smart as well as they have been specially treated and will form a thin white film when it is cold, this film is actually protecting the leather, when the temperature is back to normal so are the shoes! An added bonus is that the footwear is prepared in an eco friendly manner. The company is dedicated to using recycled materials where possible (i.e. rubber footbed), natural dies and they even invented a leather that doesn't need to be treated with chrome. Visit their website for further details. Items are available for sale at BALISI.
STYLE: Christie $224.99

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